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Bryony Griffith Sidmouth Online Singing workshop The Devon Counting Song

The Sidmouth Songswell Singers’ with Bryony Griffith. Come and learn the Devon Counting Song. Suitable for all ages

Children's yoga with Sarah Moss

Yoga for the Under 5’s with Sarah Moss. A yoga story about a cheeky monkey. Please use a non-slip mat and enjoy with an adult. Let your imagination go wild!

Clothes Peg Craft Workshop

Crafts with Clothes Pegs with Catherine Wilkins. If you thought that the only use for a clothes peg was for hanging out washing, think again, because here are 5 things to make with pegs

Crazy craft workshop with Geoff

What's crazier than a man who lived in the moon, his name was Aitken Drum. Sing the song, make the man, and the moon!

Jan Norton Card making workshop

Make Simple Cards with Jan Norton: Use fabric and other scraps to make cards with your own personal message

Mark Clarke Creative Workshop

Milk Bottle Recycled Crafts with Mark from Creativity, Design and Production. A recycle craft challenge for you, making use of something that we might otherwise throw away

Owl Craft Workshop

Weave a Small Owl Wall-Hanging with Catherine Wilkins. Make your own little loom from cardboard and string and learn how to weave a cute owl to hang on your wall

Pom Pom Craft Workshop

Mini Pompoms with Catherine Wilkins. Learn how to make quick and easy pom-poms using yarn, scissors and a fork, and then create some fun creatures with them

The Sidmouth Seaside Stompers Band Workshop 1 Dear Tobacco

The Sidmouth Seaside Stompers Band Workshop led by Ray Langton: Four cracking tunes to learn one a day and then play together on Day 5 for a final concert. See the website to download the music

The Sidmouth Seaside Stompers Band Workshop 2 HUNTING THE WREN

The Sidmouth Seaside Stompers Band Workshop 3 Tom Biggee Waltz

The Sidmouth Seaside Stompers Band Workshop 4 Pant Corlan Yr Wyn

The Sidmouth Seaside Stompers Band Workshop 5 Final Concert


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