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Thanks for being with us Online. Join us in Sidmouth 30th July - 6th August 2021

The 33rd John Gasson Memorial Jig Competition

The 33rd John Gasson Jig Competition will this year have entries from America and Canada as well as the United Kingdom. During lockdown these dancers have continued to practice on their own and some have written lockdown jigs either for one or two people. They have overcome the hurdles of lockdown to practice their jigs remotely from their musician and the show will be the culmination of these endeavours. There will be Cotswold and Molly jigs with a number of new entrants. This year we are including a look back to the jigs from the early years of the Competition.

Travelling with Thomas

Travelling with Thomas is a folk musical in the making, the next exciting project from Morris Offspring’s creator, Laurel Swift. Year Two is about to begin! Embark on a magical journey of music, song, dance and artwork as a brand new folk musical is created in front of you. Explore the legends of Thomas the Rhymer through this online, interactive evening of music presenting new songs, dance, music and artwork.

Meet The Artist - Nancy Kerr & James Fagan

Nancy Kerr and James Fagan are one of the best-known and most experienced folk duos on the British circuit today. Outstanding musicianship, a lifelong grounding in traditional singing and instrumental playing and acclaimed original compositions make Kerr and Fagan a perennial favourite at festivals, venues and clubs across the country.

Folk On Foot

Folk on Foot – Before, During and Just After The Lockdown: how could a folk music podcast that depends on access to the great outdoors cope during the lockdown? Remarkably well it turned out, as its host Matthew Bannister relates with the help of film footage of performances by some of the UK’s finest folk musicians in this exclusive virtual talk.

Sidmouth Horse Trials

An all-comers event for Hobby Horses and other Beasts of Disguise. A splendid trophy has again been created and donated by Aardman Animations.  - Video coming soon!